Your names are in my woodbins...

I am Scott and have been carving my name keychains and such since 1982, selling online (via Etsy) since 2008. You can view my Etsy "Reviews" here:

Each of my pieces is individually carved and hand shaped. Due to the nature of wood with its varying grains, textures and colors, no two pieces are ever exactly alike. They are freehand carved using fretsaws, scroll saws and bandsaws. No CNC or laser in my workshop.

What’s in a Name…?
The ability to create lasting mementos with my hands gives me peace, hence the "Peace in Wood". The name DustyNewt came from the sociable lizards that abound in my tilty, storm-blown workshop here in Central Florida. They love hanging out on my workbench with me, and are curious about the tools that make the dust that they forage in, keeping my shop’s bug population at a minimum. There are so many varieties that I just refer to them all as “newts”, although real newts are rarely seen, except out by the fish pond.

Sapele Wood Chopsticks - Gift Set
Exotic Woods Sampler Name Keychains
Mahogany Chopsticks
Pau Amarello Wood 2-Liner "Love" Keychain
Cherry and Maple Chopsticks
Mix and Match "Bulk" Keychains

"Conquering the world... one keychain at a time."

Specializing in handmade name KEYCHAINS and CHOPSTICKS.

Orders are carved and shipped within 3 business days.

"Sneak Peeks" of your custom orders when ready.